LISA vs the Rest

It is hard to compare LISA to other application tools because LISA the first of its kind. LISA is a full system that is comprised of the end user application (forms) and a supporting electronic back office system. Other programs’ online applications keep you tied to an internet connection. Not LISA. An agent can take an application with LISA in a client’s home, even if there is no internet connection. LISA saves the application and allows the agent to submit it to the home office whenever an internet connection is available. Other online applications are limited to specific products that have been formatted for online use. LISA can take any application in its original form with no modifications to the carrier’s application.

LISA is also superior to a simple fillable PDF. A PDF on a laptop has no way of capturing a real signature. The real signature is a much simpler process than taking a PDF, emailing it to the client, having the client read and verify, and then email back to the agent with an e‐signature. The fillable PDF and e‐signature was designed to sell by the phone or internet. LISA is designed to better the process of face-to-face sales, where most of our business comes from.