Target Market

LISA was originally envisioned and designed for the Life Insurance industry – an industry with a long history of being ‘mired’ in complex paperwork (application packets).

LISA can be targeted to any ‘filled-out and signed’ forms industry.

The complete ‘packet’ is at the agent’s fingertips when they are face-to-face with the client.  No more mixed up pages, forgotten “additional forms” or re-visits (addendums) because the fax machine chewed up a few pages.

Many agents are accustomed to going to the client’s home for face to face appointments. LISA will help in the quality and speed of issue of their applications. LISA and the iPad will also give the agent and carrier an advantage in a very competitive market.  In the current sales climate LISA will help your organization stand out in the crowd.

The buzz of the iPad can help a carrier create internal buzz and interest from agents.