Why the iPad

Leave it to Apple to finally introduce a tablet computer to main street America. Everyone has always seen the need for a portable device to make “on the go” computing and sales possible. Apple has done this with the introduction of the iPad. The device is simplistic in use, as there is only one button on the device, yet limitless in its possibilities. There has been much buzz about “what exactly does the iPad do” and “why do I need one?” People are quickly seeing the benefits of the device with over 3 million iPads sold during the first 80 days the device was on the market, 2010 sales of approximately 15 million units, and 2011 sales estimated to reach 43 million units by the end of the year.

How popular are iPad apps and the device itself? Over 35 million apps were downloaded during the first 60 days the tablet was available in the market according to Apple. A recent survey by Retrevo, conducted with over 1,000 of its customers, shows that 78% of those surveyed are planning to purchase an iPad over a netbook computer.

With the introduction of LISA the iPad will be seen as a critical business device benefiting both life insurance agents and insurance carriers while propelling them into the future of how insurance applications will be taken and received.

Promoting LISA can really be exciting. The buzz about the iPad is everywhere. It would be hard to find someone who hasn’t at least heard about the iPad. Promotions, such as “Do X amount of production and get a free iPad,” can be offered by carriers and marketing organizations to agents. This is a win/win. The agent gets a valuable sales tool in the iPad with LISA and the carrier gets the benefits of complete applications that are easier and faster to issue. Producing agents can be rewarded with iPads with prices starting at $499, a sales contest where the prize actually helps the agent write more business!