3. Benefits

Appointment Aides

Let’s start with an easy one first. Even before the application is taken LISA can help too! Product materials and sales presentations can be viewed on the iPad during an appointment. The iPad’s high resolution makes for a great movie player to help explain products or need for insurance. This interaction between the client and agent, with a device that can be shared and is no larger than a notepad, creates a unique sales experience that will ultimately lead to more sales, happier clients, and more satisfied agents. It can be used as part of great promotions and put your company in the spotlight in a very positive way.

Easy, Efficient Applications

How’s this for an amazing benefit? No more unreadable agent handwriting! Taking the information electronically creates an easier application for the home office to process. LISA will not allow the agent to submit the application until all required fields are completed and validated so no more hold ups on not knowing the beneficiary! LISA also keeps all additional forms on hand if an additional questionnaire is needed. The agent sends the application electronically to the home office so outdated; poor quality fax machines are no longer a problem for legible apps. The agent can also send copies of the application to themselves and/or the client for record keeping as well. LISA also knows what a specific policy can and cannot do, such as face amount restrictions or moving on to a new product if a knock out question is hit.

Complete & Accurate Applications

LISA uses the official application approved by your organization to produce a clean, properly completed application. LISA also ensures that an agent completes an application 100% before submitting to the carrier/company. If an agent leaves a field blank, LISA prompts the agent for an answer before the application can be deemed “complete” and forwarded to Compliance for processing.


Using revolutionary technology built into LISA, clients physically apply their signature on the application by signing their autograph directly onto the iPad using their finger or a stylus. This one benefit alone ensures that the client has reviewed the policy, understands it, and does not delay in having it placed, thereby increasing the processing speed.

Signatures in LISA are real signatures, not those tiresome and complex e-Agreement email exchanged ‘account required’ “electronic authorization in lieu” devices.

Carrier Compliance

Think of LISA on the iPad as an electronic sheet of paper, and that sheet of paper happens to be your application, fully approved and legally compliant, the exact document an agent would pull from their briefcase in a home – only smart. LISA allows the agent to fill out the application on the iPad instead of conventional pen and paper. The client sees the application on the iPad as the agent is asking the questions. The clients and agents physically sign the application on the iPad using revolutionary technology built into LISA.

After the application is complete and saved the agent submits it directly to the Carrier’s servers from within LISA. No recreating the application, no legal problems, or any hassle for you or the agent. LISA uses the official application approved by your organization to produce a clean, properly completed application.

LISA utilizes the exact documents and forms that agents pull from their briefcase in a client’s home, so they are  fully approved and legally compliant. Furthermore, because an agent cannot have an application processed until it is 100% complete, there is less room for error, and compliance will be able to approve the agent’s applications faster, easier, and more accurately.

Reduced Processing Time

LISA benefits insurance carriers by reducing processing costs and increasing processing time standards. Fully completed, legible applications will be delivered by LISA every time, increasing speed of application approvals, thereby providing increased client satisfaction and persistency.

Reduced Expenses

A concern of any organization should be “how can LISA help us save money”. With LISA it is possible to electronically transmit and store information directly into a carrier’s new business system, completely skipping the manual processing step of converting applications received while simultaneously reducing cost and issue time. This will be accomplished with ease and virtually no burden or effort on your part.  No paper, no fax, no transcription or scan-OCR-transcode-error-correction, no shipping/mail.

Data Security

Security concerns are very important and LISA (Life Insurance Sales Application) is designed with them in mind. All data that is entered into the iPad through LISA can be stored and encrypted internally by Apple’s encryption providers. *

LISA also contains its own encoding process. All information is transmitted using 128bit SSL encryption to LISA’s servers. Once that information is received by the server the data’s authenticity is verified by double hashing. The client’s information is fully protected at every step of the process.

Physical Security

Each iPad can be personally password protected by the agent.

There is the ability to implement remote wiping of all data on any iPad in case of loss, theft, or agent termination.*

Carriers, agents and clients can rest assured that LISA will protect their information in both storage and transmittal.

* Enterprise Security features are for ‘Company Owned’ equipment.
* Many anti-loss/anti-theft features are available to individual iPad owner’s as well.