Agent/User Quick-Start

1. Get LISA from the AppStore

2. Complete the Agent Profile / Information Screen

  • All fields marked with (?) are required.
  • Make sure your email address is entered correctly.  Your completed and submitted applications are currently only available via links sent to this email address.
  • Make your LISA password easy for you to remember.  You will use this password to retrieve your submitted applications.

Do not enter any Content Codes just yet.

Tap Save & Close -> to return to LISA’s main – or home – screen.

** See the Agent Info & Content Codes help page for step-by-step details with screenshots.

3. Start Application – Use the Product Selector to get into the Training Applicationhomescreen_start_glow

  • Tap the Start Application icon on LISA’s main screen to access the Product Selection Screen.
  • Tap TrainingCo to complete Step 1 (Carrier Selection)
  • Tap any of the available State selections to complete Step 2
  • Tap LISA Training Application to complete Step 3 and enable the large, green Start button.
  • Tap Start to jump right into the LISA built-in Training Application.
Product Selection - LISA TrainingCo/Training App Selected

Product Selection – LISA TrainingCo/Training App Selected

4. Complete the Training Application

There are only 13 fields enabled on the LISA Training Application.

This first time we recommend going through them as they pop up (in order) to familiarize yourself with the flow of a LISA application.

The most important button on the screen: [Next]

Try tapping [Next] without typing anything in a. Proposed Insured’s Name and you will encounter the first of LISA’s “Data Validation” features (Name is “Required” and “Required fields cannot be blank).

You don’t always have to tap [Next]: In text fields you can tap [Return] to complete your input and “go to the next field”; when you tap a selection (like c. Male / Female) making a selection “goes to the next field” as well.

The best way through is straight through.  Keep typing and tapping and [Next]-ing and you’ll get to and passed the Signatures and the “Application Complete” notification.

When finished with the Training Application (complete or not) tap [LISA Main] (top or bottom left buttons) to return to the main screen.

You will undoubtedly have questions, look at the other LISA help files at the website and LISA’s built-in help documents (available in the Product Selector or Agent Resources screens).

[ Complete walk-through of the Training Application page and video soon. ]

5. Go Live – Content Codes

After “playing” with the Training Application you’ll want to Write with LISA.  Here’s how:

  • Get your 5-letter Content Code from your Agency or Carrier.
  • From LISA’s home screen tap on (i)Profile to get into your Agent Information (Profile) screen.
  • Under the Content Codes (i) heading tap Add a code…
  • Enter the 5-letter code in the box and tap [Add] (internet access is required)
  • If the code you entered is valid then the Content Name will appear in the list above Add a code… and an Alert will inform you that your code is good.
    ** See the Agent Info & Content Codes help page for step-by-step details with screenshots.
  • Tap Save & Close -> to return to LISA’s main – or home – screen.
  • Tap (i)Update to add (download) all of the applications and content associated with your code to LISA. LISA ‘syncs’ the content so that internet access is not required to complete applications or utilize the Sales Tools and Agent Resources.

Once updates are complete (you’ll see another Alert) tap Start Application and your new Content (products) will be listed in the Product Selection screen.